Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fake coffee, fake furniture, fake stuffed boar's head

This weather has been insane.  I love it... but I'm not being as productive as I plan to be. Oh well, it'll be too hot soon and when it comes 'round I'll have plenty of work to catch up on indoors. Last night I joined friends for dinner on the patio at Fric and Frac. Before I was able to even sit down Mr. Nick Walker, whom I wrote about in the "Fat Bat" post, says to me, " I have a few issues I would like to discuss about Fat Bat." He proceeds to tell me that mocha chai does not exist and that it will "not fly" with the general public.  My friend Amy, a previous Starbuck's employee in her youth, endorsed Nick's argument. She decided to delve into detail about how mocha coffees are made, this process is not applicable to chai .... the two just do not mix. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the senseless blabbing. However, I was simply using the term "mocha chai" because the syllables worked and because this was after all, just a satirical sketch that I quickly created to inspire this pesky perfectionist that now challenged me from across the table. Also, in my past experiences with Starbuck's, they have been willing to accommodate almost any request I make. For instance, I request pumpkin spice flavoring in June and voila, I get a pumpkin spice latte (typically reserved for winter months). Amy and Nick rarely go to Starbuck's by the way, perhaps they should find another crusade.With the new project I am working on I am considering rudimentary furniture designs, the modern classics. It's been mucho, mucho fun and I have a feeling I'll be having a desire to share lots of the preliminary sketches. Such as this one, highlighting the Eames Herman Miller chair. We have a brown leather one, although I prefer the white one that I portray here. Maybe I need to go furniture shopping. Retail therapy..and research for art projects, love it.

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