Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bring Your Kids To Work Day...and I'll Kick Their Butts at Kickball

So, last week was bring your kids to work day... and it was flippin' awesome! For years I have been annoying the crap out of everyone close to me, quizzing them from one of the best books ever created, The Book of Questions ( by Gregory Stock). It's this quirky little book that asks random, random questions. Couple examples:
Question 4: If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterward would remember nothing of the experience would you do it?
Question 88: You, your closest friend and your father are on vacation together, hiking together in a remote jungle. Your two companions stumble into a nest of poisonous vipers and are bitten repeatedly. You know that neither will live without an immediate shot of anti-venom, yet there is only a single dose of anti-venom and it's in your pocket.  What would you do?

Fun, right?  Well, they also published a children's version of this book. When I was in college and used to substitute teach, we may or may not have blown off a math lesson or two to read and discuss from this book.  The kids' answers would crack me up. So, when I was asked to host a little segment we called "Questions With Tuesday," I jumped at the offer. Because we were in our company's big, fancy conference room I  set the tables with place cards, including each kid's name and fake moustaches. After all this was a big, serious meeting.

One of the questions I asked was something along the lines of "If you could do anything in the world, money's not an option, what would you do?" The kid on the left in the pic below raised his hand and said, "shave."

Personally I think that a design studio would be a fun place to spend the day if I were a kid... but we kinda forgot the importance of recess. So, after hours of cool projects the kids were getting a little over zealous to get some exercise. A little panicked, I raced t the closest sporting goods store, bought a bouncy ball and quickly recruited designers from the office to a kickball competition. The kids were impressed with my skills.. I still got it. Take that 9 year olds!
                all photos by Robert Baker

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