Monday, May 5, 2008

What' chu Chalkin' About, Willis?

Ahhh, finally winter may indeed be coming to an end. Of course, I do live in the midwest so it's tough to make that call for sure. I'll keep my mittens out until June, just in case. Don't get me wrong I love me some snow, fuzzy sweaters, and soup but I am getting damn stir crazy in my loft! Last weekend my two friends Brian and Wolfgang ( the directors/creators of Mosaic Brain, a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve underserved youth through artistic exploration and expression)  invited me to participate in the first annual Chalk Walk. It was a cool festival like gathering, you know with music, concessions, johnny-on-the-spots ( which I could dedicate an entire post to because I freakin' hate them), and a bunch of really fun local artists creating beautiful chalk murals all over a park in the Northeast part of KC. Artists involved in the event ranged from tattoo artists to advertising designers and  prominent local  fine artists.  I was completely honored to be invited and loved the excuse to kick it outside all afternoon. 
My friend E-Long ( below on the left) who did a monster 16 foot square, was right next to me. He's got an awesome graffiti-like style which I love. Fortunately he was stocked up with a pretty fancy selection of chalk which he was gracious enough to share.

Below are some pics of my work in progress. I had more people around keeping me company but I look a little lonely in that first one. I guess I could have recruited help but who am I kidding... I'm a little too unorganized to coach people through my vision. For my self-esteem's sake we'll just substitute the word "unorganized" with "improv".... yeah, that's the ticket.

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Erin said...

love your chalk-work, tuesday! lookin good! great to see you a couple weeks back at jen's too. :-) keep in touch -e-