Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long Live the Queen!

In my free time (HA!) I've been designing a deck of playing cards. I forget about them often, so in about a year, maybe you could challenge me to some rummy. But psssst, I'm crazy competitive, so watch out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Drop it like it's hot

More doodles. For the next show after this upcoming one. I think. Still trying to decide what goes in this one....and what goes in that one. But I'm cranking out new drawings every mad crazy. So, regardless, there will be enough doodles to go around. This will be a small series within a series, done on old antique flashcards. When you draw like 23 hours a day, sometimes a topic eludes you. So, the flashcards give me a little prompt. Drop: rain.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

itty bitty

Um, just a doodle. Last night while trying to work on new work for my next scheduled show, I came up with a new idea for the show after that. You know, the one that isn't scheduled yet. Because, my chaotic nature has eyes much bigger than it's stomach. Dammit. Focus, Tuesday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm even drawing in my sleep!

I have eh, 14 million and one projects going on right now. Which is super great, and making me feel super inspired! But, needless to say, I'm abandoning my beloved little blog. When I get a minute to breathe I'm gonna post samples of all the fun stuff I've been working on. And let me tell ya, there's a damn range! I'm sewing a little again....making an "Imagination Wardrobe" for my best friend's baby, who is going through a very glamorous dress-up stage. Working on fun, fun illustrations for the book, working on new paintings for my upcoming show in Alaska, and creating some really pretty stuff at work. So, lots to come. But for now, some little doodles and patterns I did. Ohhhhh...and coming soon I did a whole deck of alpha flashcards! They're so fun! Soon!