Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ode to Amy: nothing says love like french fries off the dashboard

So, this drawing is an ode to my dearest Amy. We just returned from getting our pumpkin spice lattes and holy canole is it raining! Which sometimes makes people drive pretty stupidly. Like the guy in front of us on the highway. Amy had to hit her breaks, which made my life flash before my eyes. We've been down this road together before. In high school. Collision on the highway, in a snowstorm returning from McDonald's. Horrible accident. I say the dumbest things in life-threatening situations. After the car was finished getting all smashed up, us jostled, fast food scattered everywhere...I picked a french fry up off the dashboard and offered it to her. Hey, I was trying to console alright?! French fries make me happy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

400 people per year survive lightening strikes, so...

Just now I was standing by the window, pouring myself some coffee and watching the pretty storm. I watched as a lady I work with ran out, into the storm, to get her umbrella out of her car. I sat pondering the sense of that situation. Going out, from a dry, covered building, to get an umbrella to bring back into the dry, covered building? Then I hoped that lightening would strike me through the window so that I could go home for the day. I guess that doesn't really make a lot of sense either, does it?