Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Okay, for real rain, go away!

So, a couple close friends are whining ( now I'm gonna receive phone calls saying 'Oh, whining, huh? ) that I'm not including enough of my personal artwork on this blog. I'm just a trophy "art" girlfriend to you all aren't I? The work's so pretty until she talks. So much for my opinions and interests. I'm just gonna smile and nod... and post artwork to win affection. Ha ha. Alright, pity party's over... go home. I'll do my best to keep your appetite satisfied but I am a busy girl so there may just be a few days thrown in, in which you'll just have to enjoy my personality...without pretty pictures. And, much like the images below, you'll have to settle for sketch book scribbles some days. I am working on my next show though. Slowly but surely... so stay tuned and I'll give you sneak peaks. 
This one expressed my sentiments exactly. I've been really enjoying my lovely days...getting to play outside and now those damn weathermen are gonna screw up my weekend dreams. Oh well, just an excuse to stay inside and create. I'm trying to be a "glass is half full" type of girl these days.

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Jen said...

whining? you're an artist. show some work.