Sunday, June 1, 2008

Man, I'm good at weekends...and Scrabble. Right girls?

Horrible! Horrible, horrible, horrible! I've neglected you so blog. On the upside I have lots of great times ahead of me...and, fingers crossed, I'll be keeping up with posting.... lots of doodles, sprinkled with a few funny stories. So, hello again. I just had super, wonderful weekend number 2. Although I've had a bit of muck going on...I'm feeling almost unfairly blessed. Friday night I was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite bands. They flippin' was a perfect, perfect night...the weather was beautiful and they played my very favorite song last during their encore. Thanks, guys. Then on Saturday I spent the day with my three wonderful, wonderful best friends. My friend Amy threw a memorial party in the park for her mother who passed away 5 years ago. It was incredible... Amy created a beautiful day that her mother would have absolutely loved. So, we remembered an amazing woman, exchanged lots of hugs, wore summer dresses, laughed together, and I got to take baby for his first trip down a slide in the park.  Then, later that night I dominated Jen and Sarah at Scrabble. I mean, I killed them. They should be embarrassed.  I bet if you added both of their scores together it still couldn't have touched mine. Jen will have to refresh my memory...I displayed the score sheet on her fridge, a reminder that I am a Scrabble savant. I should go on a scrabble championship tour. I need to clear out a place on my shelf for a new, shiny trophy. 

I have to thank my girl Val for going up to the plate for me...talking me up to the big wigs and getting me some awesome new assignments at work.  I love doing illustrations for kid's stuff. It's muy, muy fun. After I clock out though, this is what I'll be working on. I've written a couple children's books about this little guy, Bixby Gato, now I just gotta get busy illustrating. He's gonna be my new boyfriend for awhile, we'll be spending many evenings together. Lucky guy.

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