Saturday, May 3, 2008

a faux speed date, you and me

So, in since we're gonna hang out for a few minutes I'll give ya a quick brief on junk that I like. It's a courtesy really, a considerate little gift from me to you. That way, before you invest some time looking at all the blah blah I like you can decide if you even like the chick that's offering it up. If I could be a hybrid of famous superstars I would be a nice concoction of Tina Fey, Sofia Coppola, and Parker Posey. I watch really crappy tv...and I'm totally secure with this shortcoming. I smoke three cigarettes too many a day, sometimes a quick one on the way to the gym. I buy grocery store sushi, but the woman that makes it is a sweet little asian lady. I like to imagine that in her youth she was trained in Japan by a sushi making she's over qualified for her position as sushi lady at the local grocery. I don't like cheese ( I know, this is probably a deal breaker, huh?) And finally, my boyfriend's relieved that you all exist, to listen to my artsy banter, he's heard enough.

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