Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Game On!

Oi vey! What a weekend. Uno mas deadline complete. This one was the most demanding and yet most fulfilling one to date.  I love that... working feverishly and at the end being insanely satisfied with the final product. All weekend I thought, "I cannot wait until Monday! I am gonna be so flippin' lazy!" So, last night I waltzed out of the office, heading for my couch.  Instead I got wild urges to go to the gym and later, to bust out my laptop and begin work on the next project. Fortunately someone close to me reminds me often that in order to not get burnt out I need to take a pause in between. So, I retired to bed quite early for me ( 9:30, what ninny?!) and slept in this morning. So, self, I hope you enjoyed your little vacation because tonight it's "game on"! 

One of the fifty-thousand sketches that was produced over the weekend.  Quite amusing to me...listening to myself describe these deadlines, then seeing the cute, snuggley doodles that are produced.  Doesn't make it seem so dramatic now does it? Thanks mermaid lady.

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Justace said...

mermaids!!! i like it!