Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Metamorphosis Art Benefit....Ooooh fun

Once a year I get the privilege of participating in the organization of some sort of art benefit for charity. This year I'm so excited to be on board for Metamorphosis, an art benefit for the Kyrie Foundation. The event will be held November 6 at Studio 2131. A quaint little finger feast will be provided by several local restaurants including: Thomas, La Bodega, Room 39, D'Bronx, The Foundry and McCoy's, and Sweet City Cupcakes. I will be dancing, dancing, dancing to the live music provided by one of my faaaaavorite local bands, Softee.  And some people, if so obliged may want to partake in libations which include beer and wine. Oh...I almost forgot the whole Several wonderful, amazing, beautiful local artists have so graciously donated their incredible work which we will live auction that evening, all proceeds going directly to the Kyrie Foundation. In addition several other donated gifts will be raffled. It will be a lovely, lovely evening for a beautiful cause. We can dance and look at art together. Wanna?


Monday, October 6, 2008

Painting, painting, painting....all for you

Wanna hear a super sweet, heartwarming story? So, years ago, while still in college, my friend Mindy Chang told me the only way to get the ball rolling on showing my work was to man up and schedule a show. In since I was being a scaredy cat, she went ahead and scheduled one for me, on the walls of her place, Blue Koi. Then, in the weeks following she would ask, "how's the work coming?" It was endearing. So, for the last few years she's inquired about when I may be willing to show again. I recently decided it was time. Time to replay the little nudge she gave me years ago. My newest body of work is the most sentimental set I've exhibited to date, properly so I guess, in the first place I ever showed. Awe, sweet huh? These paintings will be on display at Blue Koi until November 1. Next month I will be co-hosting Metamorphosis, an art benefit, at Studio 2131 in Crossroads. Lots of fun stuff going on that night, I will be posting more info soon. Then in April I will be curating and participating in Xx Chromosome, a study of the feminine hand in Contemporary Art. Exciting eh? I'll keep you posted. Until then I'll be working away, making pretty stuff and wearing big, fuzzy scarves. I love Fall, and getting to layer up. I'm loving the forecast ahead!
Go Away. watercolor and India Ink on paper.