Thursday, May 20, 2010

9 to 5

Wowski hiatus! For the last several months I've been consumed planning the heck out of my wedding. It was a glorious production, with lots of fun details( to be posted soon!) and lots of fun people! And, at the end of it all I got a husband that I like a whole, whole lot! Next I have our Xx Chromosome show opening July 2. Needless to say with 1.5 months in between the two, I have been a creative machine...cranking, cranking. In between this and that there were a few fun things that I may have let slip between the cracks due to mad crazy hectic-ness. One thing for instance, our Experience Room at work. Being a studio full of fun creatives, we try to do exercises here and there that keep us on point, gears turning right and all. One of our little projects was to create a single piece of art that described/expressed your personality. Then, all 30 some artist's works were hung gallery style outside of our think room. I've posted mine. It's a little all over the place, like me. Blurbing random thoughts, like me. And a little, yep, like me. But hopefully playful and endearing. Hopefully. Then for our "Experience Room," an old conference room we revamped to use as a creative space while brainstorming product ideas, resting our creative crank machines (also known as brains), or just a room to one's self to doodle or think. For the room I illustrated a big clock for the wall ( about 22" diameter) and also (in the photo, behind the couch) I took several of the papers designed by us, cut them into 1.5" squares and displayed them in a large frame. A big K&Co swatch book on the wall! Unfortunately my photo skills are quite pathetic, but the room is super fun in person. And projects like these are much appreciated and needed, making us stop and shake off some of the seriousness of deadlines and our OCD artist ways. Oh, and to remind us of what a sweet deal we have being full time designers/artists. Maybe tough business but crazy super fun! Back to work for me!