Friday, May 9, 2008

Sketchbook, I'm gonna wine and dine you tonight!

So, I got over my little pouting session about the upcoming rainy weekend.  I'm all heavy in the middle of a new presentation at work and I love, love, love what I'm getting to work on! However, it's illustration city 'round these parts right now. Not complaining... not one bit.  But all of my illustration energy has been turned over to this current project and in since we're preproduction, I unfortunately can't really share it with the world yet. Me and my doodles are gonna spend a nice romantic weekend together... nailing down the finishing touches for the big presentation dia. Next weekend I'll play outside and spend some quality time with you... making pictures for you, treating you right. It's a date. On a sillier note- John, a friend of mine at work, just told me that early this morning his daughter (the girl in the moustache and pink shirt in my earlier post)  got to meet David Cook, the KC guy from American Idol. He's taking the photo that she sent him of her and David and turning it into a faux Teen Magazine cover. So, now she's officially the coolest girl at her school and she has the sweetest dad ever! Awe, that's so flippin' cute! 

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