Monday, May 5, 2008

One man's another man's reason to play hooky from work

Boo hoo! Everyone loves to complain about their jobs and I admit that I too have been guilty of this humdrum pastime.  But in reality I dig my j-o-b. I get to illustrate, paint, design, and down as many diet 7-ups a day as I want. So, not too bad. Another bonus of being a creative professional is a splendid little thing called "research days." Days where I get paid to go out and shop. We creatives have to stay trendy, y'know. On Friday, together, as a big happy design family our studio got all dolled up in our best boho chic attire and headed to Sparks, Kansas for the biannual Sparks/White Cloud Flea Market. Shopping is an art... that business wears me out, but we did find some pretty fun stuff. An additional bonus, we got to mingle with the locals. Whoo-eee! 

             photo by Robert Baker

All kinds of stuff...some even in the exact same color.

 There was one tent that had the coolest, old graphic-y stuff. We could have spent hours and a fortune in there.
 This one below is my favorite purchase,  a 4ft scroll from an old teaching aid easel. One section of the scroll was a diagram of the presidents of the U.S., the last being Woodrow Wilson, only showing the date of his inauguration, 1913. Wowzer... older than my Grandma!

Downfalls to the day: 1. We lost Amy for a short stint, but fortunately I watch a lot of Without A Trace, so I believe that if it had come down to it my skills would have been found beneficial to her recovery. 2. Lorenza was disappointed that her cheese dog at lunch was made with nacho cheese. We wish they had had a suggestion box on the side of the trailer that it was served out of. We would have suggested a few episodes of Top Chef. Get creative hot dog man! 3. More Johnny-on-the-spots. Damn you Johnny-on-the-spots! Damn you!

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amy. said...

tuesday and her SVU obsession. i swear i didn't just run off to leave you to worry about amy and her ankles. something just came over me, maybe it was the junk. oh how i love junk. no, not the junk in my trunk good juju lady.