Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David Sedaris, sprinkled with glitter

I am so excited! Tonight I will be investing in three sparkly new sketchbooks for the three new lines I've been asked to illustrate at work.  With the lines is also the promise that I will be able to work undisturbed...I think the way they put it was "off limits," I've been made "off limits" to the rest of the company. They're giving me sketchbooks and pens...and the luxury of privacy. It's kinda like winning an all-expenses-paid vacation. Although this all-inclusive vacation is in the Northland part of Kansas City, I'll still take it.  There is one catch however...I have to do 40 thousand mock-ups today before receiving my prize.  Needless to say I am slowly mutating into a spray mount glitter monster. Wherever I walk I'm sure to leave behind a pink glittery trail. Precious, huh? In our staff meeting a few hours ago a friend slid a piece of paper over to me, my favorite author ever is releasing his new book today, When You Are Engulfed in Flames. Unfortunately I'm playing this game where I act like a grown-up and budget...so the book will not be mine for a week or two.  I'm content just knowing it exists. A few years ago I was reading one of his books while on an airplane. I began laughing so hard I was literally gasping for breath, couldn't breathe. My head was in my lap laughing into the book, trying desperately to stop. The very thought of the story I had just read would send me right into another fit. I think I truly frightened the middle-aged woman to my left. It was great...so, I'm very excited to get the newest addition to his collection, and most likely humiliate myself in public once more.

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Justace said...

you know i did notice a pink glittery trail to the bathroom here in the lobby =)