Thursday, June 12, 2008

In the bushes outside of Mike Lowery's house

I'm in love with Mike Lowery. Love him! So, a few weeks ago one of our art directors got back from a little illustration trade show in New York. She emails me immediately and says that his style reminded her of mine. I don't necessarily see it, but hey I'll take the compliment because I think he's great.  Then I was reading Julia Rothman's sketchbook series blog and stumbled upon him again. I'm in the midst of some researching at work and all I wanna do is hang out on his websites. Or in his front bushes with binoculars. Just kidding...kinda. On Etsy he has a print of bunnies eating dim sum. I think I'm gonna need that. Perfect for my new entryway with my collection of work from favorite artists. So, I suggest you take some time...preferably on your company's watch, and check him out. And Mike Lowery's neighbors, if you see me in the front lawn, don't call the cops, it's cool, I'm researching. 

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