Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kinda like Flock of Seagulls, more like Flock of Tuesday and Justin. Love.

Well, this time I have a legitimate damn excuse for why I have been so m.i.a as of late. Holy wedding planning sucking my will to...well, do anything but plan wedding stuff. Even as I type this I am listening to a massive archive of music to finish off my wedding playlist. Let a dj pick the music? Good one. I have not really had any bridezilla moments, but that's most likely because I'm internalizing them all. haha. We're getting into the home stretch though. Thank goodness. I've taken a nice 4 day weekend to have a little quite time to work on more of the many little details, personal touches I plan to incorporate into this bad boy. But, here's a little preview. Our invitations went out not too long ago. And might I add, the total cost for invites/envelopes: $40. Amazing right? I kept it simple, I mean, besides the sewing and grommeting, and included the invitation, an rsvp card and 2 feathers tucked warmly in the envelope. As I'm marrying another designer, he took on the rehearsal dinner invites, so that he could include some of his design voice in the whole shebang. I love all of our details, but like most brides at this point, I'm ready to rock this wedding out and have my brain back. Will post more as it comes along. Fun, fun engagement photos coming up!

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Marc Shank said...

Tuesday - Your invitations are phenomenal! Amazingly playful and so much more original than the stereotypical "Ivory-uncoated-embossed-metallic-floral" throw-away invitations out there.

I'm impressed.