Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Fabulous Mr. Gant

Last week I sat for a portrait painted by a local artist, Davey Gant. Gant is currently painting like a mad man for a show opening at Leedy Voulkos in Crossroads in June. The show will feature an estimated 200 portraits of the artists and art affiliates of the Kansas City Crossroads Art District. While I waited for Davey to stretch the canvas, I nosed around his studio, taking pics of his current work. I love artist's studios...I've always loved my own...inspired to set up my new one. And, a big thanks to Mr. Gant for making me feel a little less guilty about my messy work process and paint-stained everything. On the other hand, as he began to paint my hair on the portrait, I noticed him painting a dark brown halo around my head..."are you painting my roots?!" I exclaimed. Sure 'nough.

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