Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Rustic Romance...

A great thing about being friends with lotsa artists? When wedding time rolls around you get mad back-up to ensure that the whole affair is nothing short of authentic awesomeness. For our engagement photos one of my good pals, Robert Baker shot a series of photos of Justin and I in one of our favorite vintage stores, Good Juju. We then ventured outside to soak up some more rustic prettiness. With Robert's skills and my art direction (in Good Juju I heard someone say, "she's a bossy one), I think we came up with some nice little keepsakes. And, even though I had a vision, we kept it loose and fun. 17 days away from the big day...I'm excited to get my life back to do all my personal art stuff, but I have lots of great stuff to share coming up. Including a shower thrown by friends with a moustache theme...the details were remarkable. Artsy friends, I love ya!

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