Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Avery

An old friend of mine is about to be a his first little girl. He's already been crowned papa with his son, Will...but uh-oh...girls are tough, man. I remember a little over a year ago, I got in a car accident and called my pops to come help me. At 6 am, a very tired dad arrives to the scene and gets everything in order, taking his daughter safely from the accident. As we drove my car to the autoshop, airbag deployed, mobile mangled, I looked at my very sleepy father navigating the vehicle and thought, "poor guy, this dad deal is for life." So, I warned Rob, this little girl is gonna own you. And, around the age of about 13, you will believe that you are harboring Satan's spawn in your home. But let's focus on the now, the sweet...the soft, the happy baby girl that he and his beautiful wife Leslie, and excited son Will will be welcoming into this world any minute now. For Avery, some gifts from me to decorate your new haven. Welcome to this world.

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