Wednesday, February 18, 2009

House Broken

Today on my way to work I heard on the radio the story of the xaneied up monkey that attacked a chick's face. After a minute or two of deliberation on the topic this afternoon, Kim and I decided that no friend is obligated to help look for lost or misplaced wild animals. Puppies, kitties, hampsters...sure. Monkeys, hyenas, saber-tooth tigers, not so much. We are guilted in to a myriad of ickies regularly...moving help, Pampered Chef parties, rides to the airport. But if these friends abduct animals from the wild and then lose them, you my friend, are off the obligatory hook. "ahh, man, I gots some crazy laundry to do tonight. Good luck finding your rabid pet raccoon though. I'm out." ....and you save face, literally. You're welcome. Love Kim and Tuesday.

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