Monday, February 16, 2009

Daydreamin'. Man.

So, ahhhhh, first line ever. All my illustrations put together in a cute little collection. It's finished and now in production...and in just a few months shippin' to stores. It reminds me that I'm a pretty lucky girl. I get to doodle and create cute little icons...then they turn them into papers and stickers and all kinds of fun stuff. 7 year old Tuesday would be so happy to see that she gets to keep her 7 year old creativity in the future. All that drawing on the walls of my closet as a kid, didn't go to waste. Anyway, here are just a few samples of the papers to appear in the line. 


gak said...

You're amazing. I can't wait to buy some of these... Esp the rainbows, guitars, and bicycles. And the anchor one too. AMA-ZXXING.

elBryan said...

I like them all, but the bicycles are the most raddest.