Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You had me at M

Two hateful, hateful words: sold out. Recently came across this t-shirt (on Threadless) while wasting way too much time reading about my fave writer/director Wes Anderson. How I adore that man's brain. For two seconds I spaced off into a daydream where I time-travel back a handful of years to when he was merely a student at UT, run into him at the student union where we become immediate best friends and I replace Owen Wilson as his future writing partner. (pause 3 minutes while I continue to elaborate on said daydream). Okay, then (fast-forward, reality) I find this uh-mazing t-shirt only to get ready to order it and see they are sold out. Boo. Hiss (as the closest thing to my writing partner, Kim, would say). Devastation. Disappointment. But it still makes me happy. May order a print, though, not as fun as a t-shirt. Margot Tenenbaum for the letter M. And Steve Zissou for Z (How cute are his little nipples?! ). And (not Wes A related) the Dude for D. Awe. Some. I was Margot for halloween several years ago ya know? Had the wooden finger and everything. Mmm, makes me excited for fall, Anderson movie marathons, Royal T and Rushmore soundtracks. Coffee and scarves. Happiness.

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