Saturday, August 14, 2010

I wonder if one day my right brain will be shot from all the exercise it gets. If my body worked as hard as it did I'd have all kinds of torn ligaments, runner's knee, probably some ACL issues up in that action. Whew. Anyway, I love working incessantly. And strangely-the harder I work, the more ideas and concepts I execute, the more inspired I become. I could complain about how exhausting it is, sure--but I love it. It's what fulfills me more so than anything. So, that being said, I am once again in between many a project. A new show opening in September and an illustration project in production/publication right now (can't share images until it gets closer to launch). BUT I realized I had not shown my work from this year's Xx show. I love that show! This year my dream gallery, Blue Gallery, hosted us. And I was so lucky to show in the company of the first artist in KC who inspired me (almost 10 years ago). We met for the first time during this show. Plus another artist who has been the rock of encouragement and support in my career, debuted her work with us. She confided to me the afternoon of the opening that she was nervous because she didn't think she was a "real" artist. However, a curator from a distinguished art museum in Kansas City purchased her work. Ahhh, to have faith in each other.

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