Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To The Moon, Tuesday! To The Moon!

Yesterday I took a little trip to visit my friend The Doctor.  While talking to my homeboy I shared with him that I was crazy over winter. I like to get dramatic and flop around, whining that it's ruining my life. In actuality my energy level is just a bit lower than usual and instead of doing 20 projects, I can only swing about 10 through these final months of arctic hell ( I dabble in oxymorons a bit more than usual too). So, he says to me, straight-faced, "might I suggest Light Therapy?" I waited for him to laugh and write me a script but he continued to stare. "Excuse me? Come again?" I said. He explains that Light Therapy is a common solution to winter lethargy. You wear a light hat for 30 minutes a day. He also explains that astronauts have experienced great success with it. Strangely my doc refers to astronauts and space metaphors commonly. I wish he'd just come out with it already and tell me he thinks I'm cuckoo, from another planet or somethin'. Anyway, this is an illustration from my last line. One day perhaps, a cute rocket like these will return me to my home planet. Until then, you're stuck with me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Doddley Doo

So, the other day I got to thinking and I was like "wow, this is pretty cool, being a grown adult who gets to doodle in my sketchbook all day"....while laying around eating hot tamales and watching movies.  Then later getting to take those doodles, create new product lines with them, and see them come to life on the shelves of stores. Sometimes I get a little whiney about work, but for real? I get to act like a 7 year old, getting all imaginative, every day. Not too shabby. This is my next children's line coming out. See, I love rhinos so much I even work them in to my day job.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chop! Chop!

Okay, so every year, around this time, I begin to get bored. probably from being cooped up all winter or somethin' like that.  Two dangers to being me: 1. I think I have skills cutting my own hair ( although I believe this is just a delusion ) and 2. When I get restless, my hair suffers. So, I drew this little picture to remind me, NO WINTER HAIRCUTS! I hope it works.