Friday, January 23, 2009

Doddley Doo

So, the other day I got to thinking and I was like "wow, this is pretty cool, being a grown adult who gets to doodle in my sketchbook all day"....while laying around eating hot tamales and watching movies.  Then later getting to take those doodles, create new product lines with them, and see them come to life on the shelves of stores. Sometimes I get a little whiney about work, but for real? I get to act like a 7 year old, getting all imaginative, every day. Not too shabby. This is my next children's line coming out. See, I love rhinos so much I even work them in to my day job.  


Anonymous said...

you do have a really SAWwweeet job, and you rock at it!

Anonymous said...

Tues, you're my hero!