Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Xx Chromosome 2010

Ahhhh, so excited! Just recently got arrangements made with the gallery here in KC, and Xx 2010 is ready, set, go! We have an incredible line-up of female artists including Kelley Seda, Jes Owings, Jane Almirall, Shannon Gaines Bowman, Jen Walker, Melinda Wallace, Sandi Devenny, Alison Atwood, and of course myself. In addition Kate Von Achen, who does work with the women of Uganda and founder of AWAVA will be showcasing work from women entrepreneurs in Uganda. The show opens April 2, 2010 at Pi Gallery (419 E.18th St). For more information regarding the show check out Present Magazine online. As the show approaches I of course will be blabbing more about all the shaz of the event! For now, here's a sample of work past from the awesome ladies of this year's Xx! Can't wait!

Top to bottom: Shannon Gaines Bowman, Alison Atwood, Sandi Devenny, Melinda Wallace, Jes Owings, Jen Walker, Kelley Seda, Kelley Seda, Jane Almirall, Jane Almirall.

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