Monday, August 24, 2009

Artiste de Monsieur, to you

Every Monday night I spend the evening being a little artist with some super awesome kids. They live in a local transitional shelter for single mothers and their children, here in the city. Tonight, as a "thinking outside the box" painting series, we all wore fake mustaches and painted our favorite animals with mustaches. At first I got some funny looks as I busted out the 'staches, but before long creativity took over and they had fun with it. Animals with mustaches were a little too out there for some of the kids. When they asked, "do I have to put a mustache on it?" I said, "nope." I'm never down to stifle one's personal vision. Just as long as I can get 'em to think a little differently, I've succeeded. Two weeks ago we learned the color wheel and how to mix our paints to create secondary colors. Tonight, I heard them discussing how to make colors...and guiding each other with what they had learned. Man, kids are great. I love Monday nights.

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