Monday, May 18, 2009

For Abigail

So, Justin's little sister Abigail is graduating from FIT! How exciting huh?! I love my antique jewelry and hair day she emailed me asking if it would be okay if she invested in some cute antique earrings she found in some little boutique. I of course encouraged the purchase of trinkets unique. For her graduation present I spent a day going to all of my favorite antique shops, small boutiques...and of course Anthropolgie, buying up all the pretty little accessories I could find. I designed a fun hand illustrated wrapping paper (as she too is an illustration major) and illustrated tags to attach to each piece of found jewelry. On the backs of the tags I included websites/contacts of places to begin job hunting. For instance, Surtex website for next year's show and Wearhaus ( a local fashion event HQ here). So, not only is the present pretty and fashionable for the Fashion Institute grad, but also informative. Congrats Pretty Abba! I hope you enjoy.