Thursday, December 4, 2008

Glorious! Glorious! Glorious! I love you Christmas!

Here's the thing, I am a Christmas addict. It is creepy and weird because I have a tendency to be sarcastic with a dash of cynicism. So, it comes as a surprise to all that I find this time of year magnificent. Me and Justin decorated a glorious, glorious tree this year. At first I worried that two designers decorating at Christmas would clash heads but aside from one disagreement about ornamental color schemes, we worked quite well together. Every night we are amazed at our skills that shine bright in the living room. Last night I wrapped the hell outta some presents. Those also, were nothing short of glorious. For our fur ball doggie we have a fabulous Christmas sweater, and I must say, he wears it well. Almost like that green and red argyle was made to be worn by him with his smashing good looks. So, now that we've made our holiday pretty to look at we're gonna shine some love, kids. Merry Christmas!